Coexistence of MIMO Radar and FD MIMO Cellular Systems With QoS Considerations


S. Biswas, K. Singh, O. Taghizadeh, T. Ratnarajah,


        In this paper, the feasibility of spectrum sharing between a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar system (RS) and a MIMO cellular system (CS), comprising of a full-duplex (FD) base station (BS) serving multiple downlink and uplink users at the same time and frequency is investigated. While a joint transceiver design technique at the CS's BS and users is proposed to maximize the probability of detection (PoD) of the MIMO RS, subject to constraints of quality of service (QoS) of users and transmit power at the CS, null-space based waveform projection is used to mitigate the interference from RS toward CS. In particular, the proposed technique optimizes the performance of PoD of RS by maximising its lower bound, which is obtained by exploiting the monotonically increasing relationship of PoD and its non-centrality parameter. The numerical results show the utility of the proposed spectrum sharing framework, but with certain tradeoffs in performance corresponding to RS's transmit power, RS's PoD, CS's residual self-interference power at the FDBS and QoS of users.

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