Sum-Power Minimization Under Rate Constraints in Full-Duplex MIMO Systems


A. C. Cirik, O. Taghizadeh, L. Lampe, R. Mathar, Y. Hua,


        Energy consumption in wireless communication systems is exponentially increasing due to growing wireless traffic. Combating adverse effects of excessive energy consumption calls for energy- aware system design, leading to a new research paradigm, green communications. To achieve energy awareness in a full-duplex (FD) bi-directional multiple antenna system, in this paper, we study a Quality-of-Service (QoS) problem, where the total transmit power is minimized subject to minimum rate constraints at each node, and propose two algorithms. We first apply a penalty-based method in order to obtain an efficient optimization strategy. Afterwards, in the second algorithm, we generalize the well-known relationship between Weighted-Sum-Rate (WSR) andWeightedMinimum-Mean- Squared-Error (WMMSE) problems, originally used to solve the sum-rate maximization problem, to tackle the sum-power minimization problem.

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