Type-II Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes with Girth Eight from Sidon Sequence


G. Zhang, Y. Hu, Q. He, J. Wang,


        In this work, we consider type-II quasi-cyclic LDPC codes with girth eight from Sidon sequence. We ?rst derive the necessary and suf?cient conditions guaranteeing girth-eight type-II QC-LDPC codes. By combining these conditions and the concept of Sidon sequence, two classes of type-II codes are subsequently proposed with girth up to eight. We discuss the distance upper bounds of the two classes of codes and show that the second class provides a larger distance upper bound. In particular, to the best of our knowledge, the second class we proposed yields the ?rst algebraic construction for girtheight type-II codes with rates larger than a half and distance upper bounds exceeding twelve. Via simulations, we show that the girth-eight type-II codes from the second class signi?cantly outperform the existing CDF-based girth-eight type-II codes, and that they perform better than or equally well as the randomly generated girth-eight quadr. congr. codes.

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