Research - Cryptography


This is a web-frontend to our database which contains some BN-curves. Each curve is an elliptic curve E:Y2=X3+b defined over Fp of prime order n and embedding degree k=12. The integer u determines the primes


and trace of Frobenius t(u)=6u2+1. A generator of the group E(Fp) is given by G=(1,y). The database contains amongst others curves where p has 160, 192, 224, 256, 288, 320, 352, 384, 416, 448, 480 and 512 bits. Entering the desired number of bits or parameters u,b,y will give you a randomly selected curve from the database which has the requested properties. Please enter the BN-curve parameters you need:

Number of bits:




Entering a desired number of bits below will compute a new curve with that bitsize which is in general not in our database:

Number of bits for p:

Shall p mod 4 be 3?
Shall p mod 9 be 4?