Field Strength Prediction

Munich Munich model in 2.5D

Land use classes Prediction with DiLaP

For development, planning, analysis, and optimization of modern radio networks field strength prediction plays an essential role. There are a lot of diverse prediction methods available which need to be chosen carefully according to the different requirements on the investigated problems. Our research areas Semi-stochastic MIMO channel models, Network planning, and Self-Organizing Networks(SON) all benefit from environment aware predictions. We have developed field strength prediction for both urban and rural environments. The first takes 2.5D building data into account, i.e., the buildings are given as polygons with height information disregarding the roof shape. The latter takes land use classes into account which may be calculated from satellite pictures, see pattern recognition for RWP.

Cause of the magnitude of predictions needed for planning purposes we have laid special emphasis on fast calculations by applying smart algorithms and using parallel processing architectures. Modern mobile systems demand for more detailed field strength prediction, e.g., multi-path information. Utilizing parallel hardware allows for getting this computational intensive information in reasonable time.

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