Integrated Simulation of Electricity Distribution Grids

The currently available simulators for power grids allow the investigation of isolated aspects of network planning and network operation. However, the operation of future power grids, especially energy distribution grids, necessitates the consideration of restrictions imposed by underlying communication networks and effects imposed by market mechanisms. Therefore, an integrated analysis of network operation and planning strategies is deemed to be a significant step to simplify and accelerate the expansion of distribution grids.

The research project SINERGIEN (Simulation of New Energy Networks) aims to deliver a simulation tool which integrates and couples independent simulators for power grid, communication network and market in a co-simulation. The integral approach in SINERGIEN will enable the analysis and investigation of technical and economic risks and chances at an earlier stage.

Proposed simulation architecture  

Figure 1 shows the proposed architecture of the co-simulator. The energy trade planning tool BoFiT of Procom GmbH serves as an integration platform for co-simulation. The functionalities of individual simulators and BoFiT Framework are integrated in order to a realistic modelling and simulation of a distribution grid.

Our research focuses on the following aspects of smart grid simulation:
  1. Optimal communication network planning and design
  2. Analysis of communication network effects on distribution grid stability and operation as well as market mechanisms
  3. High performance and scalable simulation architectures

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