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Interference Alignment for the "propagation delays associated Interference Channels" & "fully connected Deterministic Channels"


Capacity of the wireless networks is a long standing open problem for many years now. Recently discovered concept of the Interference Alignment (IA) for wireless networks has shown that the capacity of the wireless networks can be much higher than previously believed. The metric used to estimate the capacity of the wireless network is the "Degree of freedom", which represents the growth rate of the network capacity with the log of signal to noise ratio (SNR).

In the first part of the talk, it is shown that for the K user interference channel, with propagation delays associated with it, K/2 degree of freedom is achieved. This is achieved only if all the desired links have even propagation delays and all the interfering links have odd propagation delays.

Similarly, in the second part of the talk, a fully connected deterministic channel is considered. Now the main idea is, all transmitters stay silent over odd time slots and transmit only over even time slots. All receivers are able to hear its desired transmission free from interference over all even time slots as interference aligns itself over the odd time slots. So, again a K/2 degree of freedom is achieved.

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