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Algorithmic Resource Allocation For Multi-Cell OFDM-Systems With Spatially Separated Cells


Currently proposed wireless transmission system of the future often make use of the OFDM technique. Therefore investigation of multi-cell OFDM systems is of great interest. With the aim of reducing the inter-cell-interference(ICI) and developing the cooperation possibilities among ICI-related cells in a multi-cell OFDM system, a novel cellular OFDM-network, based on the modification of the traditional cellular OFDM-network, is introduced. The optimization objective is to maximize the multi-cell bit-rate with respect to some target BER and some power constraints. A model with a limited number of cells is suggested to evaluate the system. The resource allocation algorithm is controlled by a spectrum management center (SMC). It performs an iteration of subcarrier allocation (SA) scheme and power allocation (PA). The PA process is based on the SCALE algorithm.

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