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Scalable Cryptography in Communication Systems


Cryptography provides the basic building blocks of secure communication systems. As the usage of these communication systems and the requirement for security increases, security systems with built-in cryptography are required in many areas. Hence, cryptography is deployed in all kinds of systems: Small systems like passive RFID chips, power-efficient embedded devices like mobile phones, general purpose computer systems, and very high speed encryption devices.
Communication between systems with different provisions and requirements is often necessary, so usage of the same cryptographic algorithms is a must. As a result, the scalability of cryptographic primitives on many platforms is a necessary design requirement for modern ciphers. Additionally, the different types of algorithms are used in different phases of a communication protocol, which allows for sharing of ressources provided by a specific environment.

A representative application scenario and the resources of participating devices is presented. The requirements for ciphers used in these systems are evaluated. With this in mind, current cipher designs are analyzed in regard to their ability to fulfil these requirements. New directions in cipher design will be presented in the end.

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