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Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Transmission in Multicell OFDM Systems


This thesis investigates resource allocation for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. Services in wireless communications can be generally divided in two groups, i.e., real time service and non-real time service. In this work, they are jointly considered as heterogeneous transmission by multiple base stations, which share the transmission band via OFDM. We aim at maximizing the weighted sum rate for non-real time services, while satisfying minimum data rates required by non-real and real time services and the transmission power limit of each base station. Throughout the thesis, each subcarrier is assigned to at most one users and employed by one base station. Additionally, two scenarios are considered. In one of them, one user may be covered by multiple base stations simultaneously. In the other, each user is served by only one base station. Linear-complexity resource allocation methods are proposed for both scenarios.

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