AG Kommunikationstheorie


Termin Vortragender Thema
Tuesday       08.04.2014 13:30 Uhr Michael Reyer Initial Seminar Session
Wednesday 16.04.2014 10:00 Uhr Christopher Schnelling An Information-Theoretic Analysis of Polar Codes for Binary Channels
Wednesday 30.04.2014 10:00 Uhr Till Hering Presentation of internship with Bosch in California
Wednesday 30.04.2014 10:00 Uhr Till Hering Final presentation of diploma thesis: Secure and Anonymous, Peer-to-Peer Random Node Lookup in Untrustworthy Environment
Wednesday 07.05.2014 14:00 Uhr Gholamreza Alirezaei Public Ph.D. presentation: Optimizing Power Allocation in Sensor Networks with Application in Target Classification
Tuesday       13.05.2014 14:30 Uhr Ali Shahidinejad Optimizing Wavelength Division Multiplexing-Based Optical Wireless Communication Signaling System
Wednesday 14.05.2014 10:00 Uhr Halil Alper Tokel Analysis of Two-Tier Wireless Networking with Application to Rural Broadband Provisioning
Tuesday       03.06.2014 13.30 Uhr Jose Angel Leon Calvo Master thesis presentation: Investigation on Mobile Radio Propagation Channel Models based on Measurement Data
Wednesday 04.06.2014 10.00 Uhr Richard Fritzsche Robust Signal Processing for Cooperative Multi-Cell Transmission
Monday        30.06.2014 13:30 Uhr Anas Chaaban The Generalized Degrees of Freedom of the Interference Relay Channel
Tuesday       01.07.2014 13:30 Uhr Prof. Rudolf Mathar On the Capacity of One-bit Quantization
Wednesday 16.07.2014 10.00 Uhr Institutsprojekte Presentations
Friday          18.07.2014 10:00 Uhr Final Seminar Presentations
Tuesday       22.07.2014 13:30 Uhr Martijn Arts Quickest Eigenvalue-Based Spectrum Sensing using Random Matrix Theory
Friday          22.08.2014 10:00 Uhr Omid Taghizadeh Complexity-Reduced Optimal Power Allocation in Passive Distributed Radar Systems
Friday          22.08.2014 10:00 Uhr Omid Taghizadeh Robust Multi-User Decode-and-Forward Relaying with Full-Duplex Operation
Monday       08.09.2014 10:00 Uhr Abiramjee Jeevanesan Thesis presentation: Cyclic Interference Alignment for the Multi-User Interference Channel with Arbitrary Message Lengths
Thursday     11.09.2014 10:00 Uhr Saeed Shojaee Master thesis intermediate presentation: Simulation and evaluation of LTE using a realistic model
Monday,      29.09.2014 10:00 Uhr Abdurrahman Burak Dayi SDR Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Filter Bank Multicarrier Transceiver

The AG time slots in SS-2014 are in general offered on Tuesdays, 13:30 Uhr and Wednesdays, 10 Uhr in the TI Seminar room (24A407).

Bei Rückfragen bitte bei Omid Taghizadeh melden.

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