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Termin Vortragender Thema
Thursday, 16.04.15 10Uhr Marcel Nehring Master thesis Zwischenvortrag: Unattended testing of interactive voice response systems through content-based audio identification
Monday, 27.04.15, 9:30 am Florian Budianto Bachelor thesis talk: Software Defined Radio Based Adaptive Modulation and Power Allocation for OFDM with Imperfect Channel State Feedback
Wednesday, 8.04.15, 10:00 am Michael Reyer Initial Seminar Session
Monday, 27.04.15, 10:30 am Sascha Schade Diploma thesis final talk: Localizing a Mobile Receiver: Estimation Algorithms and Technical Realization
Tuesday 28.04.15 9 am (Seminar room S1, first floor) Ehsan Zandi Rehearsal conference presentation (IWCIT 2015): Fast Power Control for Amplify-and-Forward Multiple-Antenna Bidirectional Relays
Tuesday, 19.05.15, 14:30 pm Gledi Kutrolli Master thesis final talk: Measurement-based Modeling of a Mobile Radio Channel
Wednesday, 20.05.15, 9:30 am Constantin Disch Bachelor thesis final talk (auf Deutsch): Investigation of model uncertainties in eigenvalue-based spectrum sensing
Friday, 5.06.15, 10:30 am Omid Taghizadeh Rehearsal conference presentation (ICC 2015):Optimal Energy Efficient Design for Passive Distributed Radar Systems
Tuesday, 23.06.2015, 14:45 Uhr (Umic, Mies-van-der Rohe-Str. 15, Parterre, Raum 024) Florian Schröder Öffentliche Doktorandenvortrag: A Toolbox for Urban Multipath Radio Wave Propagation Prediction
Monday 13.7.15, 16:00 Uhr Arash Behboodi Almost Lossless Compression of Analog Sources
Tuesday, 14.07.15, 2 pm Institute Project Presentation
Wednesday 15.7.15, 10 am Steven Corroy Big data analytics and machine learning for mobile communications
Wednesday 15.7.15, 11 am Seminar Talks
Monday 24.8.2015, 10 am Rami Botros Praxissemester-Vortrag
Monday 24.8.2015, 10 am Denise Cappel Bachelor thesis talk Power Allocation in Sensor Networks for Surveilling Security Zones
Wednesday 26.8.2015, 10 am Melanie Neunerdt Öffentliche PhD Vortrag Coming soon
Wednesday 2.09.15, 10 am Phillip Vassen Bachelor thesis talkSmart Web 2.0 Cleaning mittels adäquater Modellierung von Conditional Random Fields
Thursday, 3.09.2015, 10 am Rami Botros Praxissemester-Vortrag
Thursday, 3.09.2015, 10 am Camilo Solano Master thesis Zwischenvortrag: End-user Benefits of LTE Dual Connectivity in Heterogeneous Networks
Monday, 07.09.2015, 10 am Javier Sotillo Master thesis defence Effective and Efficient Channel Equalization for the Wavelet-based OFDM System
Tuesday, 08.09.2015, 2 pm Institute Meeting
Wednesday 9.9.15, 10 am (Fakultät) Melanie Neunerdt Promotionsprüfung

The AG time slots are generally offered on Tuesday 13:30 am and Wednesday at 10 am.

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