AG Kommunikationstheorie


Termin Vortragender Thema
Wednesday, 19.04.17, 10 am Michael Reyer Initial seminar session
Wednesday, 3.05.17, 10 am Peter Neuhaus Final master thesis talk: Investigation of energy-efficiency for physical layer security enhancement using full-duplex transceivers
Monday, 15.05.17, 9 am Barbara Schraml Final master thesis talk: Channel Assignment in Wireless Networks for Cyber-Physical Systems
Wednesday, 24.05.17, 4 pm Mohammad Hossein Jafari Final Master thesis talk: Design and Evaluation of Radio Interface Concepts for Time-critical Industrial Applications
Wednesday, 31.05.17, 10 am Linchen Xiao Intermediate Master thesis talk: A Deep Learning Approach to Fingerprinting Indoor Localization Solutions
Tuesday, 06.06.17, 3 pm Zohaib Awan SDoF of multi receiver wiretap channel with alternating CSIT
Tuesday, 20.06.17, 10 am Yassine Amraue Final master thesis talk: Analyse von Dekodierverfahren für Polar Codes
Wednesday, 26.07.17, 9 am Jose Pablo Villacis Cobos Intermediate master thesis talk: Simulative Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Semi-Persistent Scheduling in LTE-V2V
Wednesday, 26.07.17, 9 am Tianyu Yang Internship summary: Design of surveillance system and PCB for Dynamic Vision Sensor cameras
Wednesday, 26.07.17, 10 am Institute projects
Thursday, 27.07.17, 10 am Students Seminar talks
Wednesday, 02.08.17, 12:30 Stefan Gerken Bachelor thesis talk: Localization of OFDM signals using time differences of arrival from a software defined radio system
Wednesday, 02.08.17, 12:30 Praveen Sirvi Final master thesis talk: Optimization and evaluation of wireless backhaul networks with full-duplex mode
Wednesday, 02.08.17, 12:30 Uhr Praveen Sirvi Internship Summary: Engine simulation and CAN interface development
Freitag, 01.09.17, 2 pm (Hörsaal AH VI, Ahornstr. 55) Prof. Helmut Bölcskei Topology reduction in deep neural networks
Tuesday, 05.09.17, 13:30 Uhr Martin Rohbeck Intermediate master thesis talk: Learning of Sensing Matrices for Compressed Sensing using Denoising Autoencoders
Tuesday, 05.09.17, 13:30 Uhr Martin Rohbeck Internship summary: Training Deep Networks for Semantic Segmentation and Understanding Approaches
Monday, 9.10.17, 10 am Qinzhi Liu Final master thesis talk: Error Correction for Variable-Length PUF Quantization
Monday, 16.10.17, 10 am Linchen Xiao Final master thesis talk: A Deep Learning Approach to Fingerprinting Indoor Localization Solutions
Monday, 16.10.17, 10 am Patrick Wilken Internship summary: Neural Network Models as Features for Phrase-Based Machine Translation

The AG time slots are generally offered on Wednesdays at 10 am and Thursdays at 10 am in the TI seminar room (333).

A few days before each AG session a notification (AG reminder) will be sent. If you are interested in receiving AG reminders, or in case of any question, please contact Omid Taghizadeh .

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