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Termin Vortragender Thema
Thursday, 12.04.18, 10 am Michael Reyer Seminar: Introductory Meeting
Wednesday 23.05.18 11:30 am Kukkehalli Nithin Puranik Final master thesis presentation: Realistic Network Simulation for the Development of Algorithms for Cooperative Driving
Wednesday 20.06.18 10:00 am Oliver Peters and Christopher Durand Student project report: Ultrasound-based Cooperative Indoor Localization for Robotic Applications
Thursday 21.06.18 10 am Qinzhi Liu Internship report (Robert Bosch): Network Coding in Large Sensor Networks
Thursday 28.06.18 10 am Michael Reyer Moderne Kryptographie mit Elliptischen Kurven
Wednesday 04.07.18 9:30 am Johannes Schmitz CMHIST - Channel Modeling for High Speed Trains
Friday, 06.07.18 13:30 pm Prof. Helmut Bölcskei Vandermonde matrices and the large sieve
Thursday 12.07.18 10 am Philipp Braun Bachelor Thesis Talk: Design of Adversarial Inputs for Deep Neural Networks using Iterative Approximations
Thursday 12.07.18 10 am Felix Schäfer Intermediate Master Thesis Presentation: Analysis of Puncturing Schemes for Polar Codes
Thursday 12.07.18 10 am Felix Schäfer Internship Report: CanControls, Aachen
Tuesday 17.7.18 2pm Insititute Project
Wednesday 18.7.2018 Seminarians Seminar Talks
Thursday 19.7.2018 Seminarians Seminar Talks
Friday 28.09.18 9:30 Tianyu Yang Deep Reinforcement Learning based Resource Allocation in Low Latency Edge Computing Networks
Friday 28.09.18 10:45 Niklas Koep Group-Sparse Signal Recovery with Block-Diagonal Measurement Matrices
Thursday 4.10.18 9:30 Arya Bangun Coherence bounds for sensing matrix in spherical harmonics expansion
Thursday 4.10.18 10:45 Vimal Radhakrishnan Energy efficient transceiver design for multi-carrier full-duplex MIMO decode-and-forward relaying
Monday 8.10.18 9:30 Ehsan Zandi RSS-based Location and Transmit Power Estimation of Multiple Co-Channel Targets
Monday 8.10.18 9:30 Mohamed Shit Internship report: Online marketing data analytics (Criteo)

The AG time slots are generally offered on Wednesdays at 10 am and Thursdays at 10 am in the TI seminar room (333).

A few days before each AG session a notification (AG reminder) will be sent. If you are interested in receiving AG reminders, or in case of any question, please contact Omid Taghizadeh .

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