AG Kommunikationstheorie


Termin Vortragender Thema
Monday, 9.10.17, 10 am Qinzhi Liu Final master thesis talk: Error Correction for Variable-Length PUF Quantization
Thursday, 12.10.17, 10.30 am, 002 Michael Reyer Seminar: Introductory Meeting
Monday, 16.10.17, 10 am Linchen Xiao Final master thesis talk: A Deep Learning Approach to Fingerprinting Indoor Localization Solutions
Monday, 16.10.17, 10 am Patrick Wilken Internship summary: Neural Network Models as Features for Phrase-Based Machine Translation
Thursday, 19.10.17, 10 am Jose Pablo Villacis Cobos Final master thesis talk: Simulative Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Semi-Persistent Scheduling in LTE-V2V
Thursday, 26.10.17, 10:30 am Ehsan Zandi Power Allocation for Orthogonally-Observed Multi-Target Sensor Networks
Monday, 06.11.17, 13:30 Uhr Johannes Schmitz Öffentlichen Promotionsvortrag: Localization in a Distributed Software Defined Radio Framework
Thursday, 16.11.17, 10:30 am Yulin Hu Efficient Transmission Schemes for Low-Latency Networks: NOMA vs. Relaying
Monday, 18.12.17, 10 am Martin Rohebeck Final master thesis talk: Analysis and Learning of Sensing Matrices for Compressed Sensing using Denoising Autoencoders
Wednesday, 3.1.18, 10 am Prof. Mathar Elementary Channels for Quantization, Neural Networks, and Molecular Information Exchange
Monday, 8.1.18, 10 am Maximilian Kloock Intermediate master thesis presentation: Reliable Vehicular 5G Communication with Adaptive Redundancy
Monday, 8.1.18, 10 am Jose Pablo Villacis Internship report: Developer evangelist in IoT
Thursday, 1.02.18, 10:30 am Seminarians Seminar presentations
Monday, 5.2.18, 10 am Kukkehalli Nithin Puranik Intermediate master thesis presentation: Realistic Network Simulation for the Development of Algorithms for cooperative driving
Tuesday, 13.3.18, 10 am Prof. Rodrigo de Lamare Distributed Spectrum Estimation Based on Alternating Mixed Discrete-Continuous Adaptation
Wednesday, 14.3.18, 10 am Marius Hebecker Bachelor thesis presentation: Statistical Learning for Classification of Noisy Pressure Sensor Measurements Applied to Mechanical Assembly
Wednesday, 14.3.18, 10 am Linchen Xiao Internship report: Technology with a focus on Big Data and Data Science
Monday, 19.3.18, 9 am Seminarians (additional session) Seminar presentation
Thursday, 5.4.18, 10 am Maximilian Kloock Final Master Thesis Presentation: Reliable Vehicular 5G Communication with Adaptive Redundancy

The AG time slots are generally offered on Mondays at 10 am and Thursdays at 10:30 am in the TI Seminar room (333).

A few dayes before each AG session a notification (AG reminder) will be sent. If you are interested in receiving AG reminders, or in case of any question, please contact Omid Taghizadeh .

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