Simulative Performance Evaluation of Uplink Carrier Aggregation Clustering in Wireless Radio Network

With the increasing density of users and base stations (BSs) in communication networks, uplink communication has become a major challenge especially in extremely populated areas where a high number of devices is accessing the uplink. An existing solution is to perform carrier aggregation in order to have fewer devices in communication with the BS and to greatly reduce the power consumption of end devices. In this approach the traffic from multiple devices is bundled and passed on to an anchor or cluster head. The optimal selection of the cluster head is an important challenge which will be studies in this project.

Students are supposed to investigate, graphically present and evaluate the performance of the system using simulation on Matlab or C++


The first meeting for the institute project is on Thursday, 27.04.17, 2 p.m., in ICT cubes Room 333.


Contact Person:
M.Sc. Saeed Shojaee upon agreemnet
M.Sc. Alireza Zamani upon agreemnet

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