Seminar Communication Theory (S3/4)


The introductory meeting takes place Thursday, 11th Oct. 2012, 10 am, in the seminar room of TI (24 A 407).


Current topics of the chair’s research areas are discussed.


A successful participation in at least one lecture and exercise class offered by the Chair of Theoretical Information Theory or an equivalent course taken at another university. (Not communication networks I, decision on admission in individual cases)


Transcript after successful participation (written report and presentation).


Registration will take place during the introductory meeting or by e-mail at Dr. Michael Reyer. Further, prerequisites will be checked then, topics will be discussed and a general introduction to the seminar will be given.

Consultation hours

Prof. Dr. R. Mathar upon agreement
Prof. Dr. Ing. Anke Schmeink upon agreement
Dr. Michael Reyer Mi. von 09:00 - 10:00

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