Coding on Wiretap Channels

Informationstheorie und Kryptographie Diplomarbeiten ( - ) itcrypt


Christopher Schnelling,


With the advent of quantum computers marginalizing (some) cryptographic approaches relying on computational hardness assumptions, attention turns to other measures to ensure private communications. A classical approach is to inspect wiretap channel models, introduced by Wyner and others. Based on certain relations between the legitimate channel W and the channel V accessible to an eavesdropper, the information-theoretic notion of a secrecy capacity of this arrangement may be put forward.


As a starting point, wiretap channel models and information-theoretic notions of secrecy shall be analysed. To realize practical systems, approaches to achieve, e.g., secrecy capacity in certain scenarios have to be evaluated and may be extended. Several such concepts can be exploited. To support the analysis, a review of the mathematical techniques involved will prove helpful.

Research Area

Information theory, coding theory, cryptography


Wiretap channels, secrecy capacity, physical layer security

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