DRM for user-generated content and P2P services

Elektrotechnik Diplomarbeiten (Oktober 2007 - März 2008 ) crypt


Wolfgang Meyer zu Bergsten,


Mobile devices are gaining more and more capabilities to generate new multimedia content. Users may want to protect this private content at the same level of security as offered by established Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems like OMA DRM. This diploma thesis first investigates how these solutions can be extended in order to support reliable DRM protection of user-generated content (UGC) and its distribution in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Creation of OMA DRM 1.0 protected content on a mobile can be achieved. However, OMA DRM 2.0 uses a much more sophisticated protection scheme relying on a traditional Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that can hardly be extended to allow users to generate DRM protected content. Thus, an Identity-based DRM system making use of recent research in the field of Identity-based Public Key Cryptography is proposed. Providing a security level comparable to OMA DRM 2.0 but offering more flexibility and simplicity, it is particularly suitable for the protection of UGC and its distribution in a P2P network.