Extended Cyclostationary Signatures for OFDM in the Presence of Hardware Imperfections


J. Schmitz, M. Zivkovic, R. Mathar,


        Cyclostationary signatures have beens hown to be an effective method for OFDM network synchronization and Cognitive Radio coordination. In this article, an extended method that utilizes cyclostationary signatures for signal parameter identification of OFDM-based Cognitive Radio nodes is presented. The scenario, implemented on a GNU Radio based evaluation platform, shows how different signal parameters, e.g. carrier frequency, occupied bandwidth and the used modulation scheme can be identified at the receiver side using the described approach. A major drawback of cyclostationary detection in OFDM systems is its sensitivity to frequency offset and sampling rate mismatches between oscillators at the transmitter and the receiver. An analytical model that characterizes this impairments is derived, followed by a discussion of implementation issues and the performance evaluation of proposed cyclostationary signature detection, both in a simulation environment and through RF experiments.

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