A Different Approach in Transceiver Design for Full-Duplex MIMO Systems


A. C. Cirik, O. Taghizadeh, L. Lampe, T. Ratnarajah,


        We consider a single cell multiple-input multiple- output (MIMO) system, where a base-station (BS) operating in full-duplex (FD) mode serves multiple uplink (UL) and downlink (DL) mobile users operating in half-duplex (HD) mode, simultaneously. The self-interference at the BS, and co-channel interference (CCI) from UL users to DL users are both taken into account. We consider the transmit and receive filter design for sum- rate maximization subject to a sum-power constraint at the BS and individual power constraints at each UL user of the system under the limited dynamic range considerations at the transmitters and receivers. By reformulating this non-convex problem as an equivalent component-wise convex optimization problem with the addition of two auxiliary variables, we propose a low complexity algorithm which converges to a stationary point.

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