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Optimal Network and Frequency Planning for WLAN


The design of wireless communication system plays an important role in the performance of the network. There are basically two major parts in planning of WLAN. First, finding the optimal number and locations of wireless access points (APs) to achieve best coverage area (with few or no gaps) by maximizing the signal strength. Second, the allocation of frequency channels to these APs that gives minimum channel interference and provides best throughput. In addition to these, the number of APs can be reduced to optimize the installation cost of the network. In this thesis work we present a multi-objective optimization using an integer linear program (ILP) model that jointly maximizes the signal strength, minimizes the co-channel and adjacent channel interference by allocating frequencies to APs with appropriate channel distances and minimizes total cost by optimizing the number of APs installed. Each objective is weighted with a trade-off parameter which can be tuned to generate designs suitable for different wireless environment.

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