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Design and Evaluation of Radio Interface Concepts for Time-critical Industrial Applications


A key objective of 5G is to support extremely low latency and highly reliable machine to machine communication, which is referred to as critical machine type communication (C-MTC) or ultra-reliable low latency communication (URLLC). For C-MTC use-cases such as intelligent transportation system, smart grids, and industrial automation, low latency and high reliability communication requirements have to be satisfied. Wireless communication brings several advantages for industrial automation applications. In industrial automation applications such as packaging machines and pressing machines typically require extremely reliable communication among sensors, actuators and logic controllers with real-time guarantees. In this presentation, concepts for latency reduction and reliability enhancements of the LTE/5G system will be presented. Initial system simulation results of the proposed concepts show substantial improvements compared to the current LTE system (Release 13). The concepts have been studied using a realistic industrial deployment scenario.

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