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Effective and Efficient Channel Equalization for the Wavelet-based OFDM System


Multicarrier modulation systems have experienced a tremendous growth in complexity and possibilities during the past decade, allowing data transmission rates never before imagined, leading to the commercial appearing of high-definition video on demand on mobile scenarios, faster Ethernet connections, increased number of digital television channels, etc. This tremendous change came up with the application of OFDM in various branches related to information interchange: ADSL and VDSL networks, DVB, WLAN, digital radio, or even the 4th generation standard for Mobile communications (LTE). Therefore, OFDM is a cornerstone for communications, but at the same time there are some aspects that might be improved. Wavelet-Based communications system have some advantages like its flexibility, the lower SLL of the transmitted signal as well as higher spectral efficiency. However, there is an important drawback for WPM systems: its structure is complex and there is a lack of specific equalization schemes for it. In this thesis, we will go in deep of the Wavelet Packet System, trying to find an equivalent and more efficient model, that leads to a proper specific equalization to improve the characteristics of communications based on these systems. Once the new system and its correspondent equalization model are showed, results will be presented, comparing with previous equalization schemes, trying to emphasize the improvements resulting from the research carried along this Master Thesis.

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