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Hybrid Environment-based Channel Model for Vehicular Communications


A novel hybrid environment-based approach for modeling the vehicular communication channel is developed in this study. It is a combination of a deterministic ray-launching algorithm (PIROPA) to model the Large-Scale parameters, and a stochastic model, to obtain the Small-Scale parameters. This hybrid channel model is site-dependent, i.e., the propagation parameters of the channel are obtained based on the particular scenario, giving a higher accuracy in modeling the channel than using an abstract representation of the scenario. The use of a stochastic approach also provides the model of a flexibility required for different scenario situations, specially in a dynamic environment like vehicular communications. The simulation results show the significance of the scenario and how the peculiarities of the vehicular communications, i.e., low antenna height and high mobility of the receivers and transmitters, impact on the communication channel. The proposed channel model can be used for different applications, such as anti-collision systems, autonomous driving or video applications.

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