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Investigation on vehicular ad hoc networks: 802.11p vs. LTE network architecture.


Road safety is one of the biggest concerns of this century. Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) were conceived for meeting this necessity of more security, and at the same time offering a more efficient traffic management. VANETs have the peculiarity of high speed and mobility nodes which are difficult to manage by the communication protocols. Due to this context, two communication protocols are predominant in VANETs. On the one hand, 802.11p framework, a protocol designed exclusively for this type of networks. On the other hand, a heterogeneous network framework which combines the LTE protocol with the previously mentioned 802.11p. The aim of this thesis is to compare both types of networks. For such comparison, both protocols are coded and simulated under real scenario and traffic conditions. To conclude, the different network parameters are analyzed to justify which of the networks performs better under different scenario situations.

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