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Investigation of Energy Efficiency for Physical Layer Security Enhancement Using Full-Duplex Transceivers


This work investigates the energy efficiency of wireless physical layer security systems, which provide information-theoretically secure communication. A common system model in physical layer security is the wire-tap channel, which consists of a legitimate transmitter (Alice), a legitimate receiver (Bob) and an eavesdropper (Eve). It has been shown, that if Bob has a full-duplex (FD) transceiver, then he can significantly increase the rate of secure communication, the so called secrecy rate, by receiving Alice's confidential transmission and simultaneously transmitting a jamming signal to confuse Eve. However it has not been investigated so far, if jamming by a FD Bob also enhances the systems energy efficiency. Therefore the secrecy energy efficiency (SEE) ratio will be introduced and the system performance will be investigated for the SISO and MIMO case.

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