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Frequency Planning for Dense Small Cell Deployment in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks


Cellular networks have seen a rapid increase in the number of mobile subscribers over the years and the demand for higher data rates is never ending. As a result, there is a continuous need for advancement in the technology to cope with the ever-increasing load on the network. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project, in its Release 10 onwards, has discussed implementation of heterogeneous networks and densification of small cell deployment as potential solutions to handle this increasing traffic. Consequently, this thesis concentrates on the frequency planning in a heterogeneous network. The target is to resolve the problem of serving a high number of users and also deal with the issue of degradation of Quality of Service at crowded environments and at cell boundaries due to interference. The thesis presents a few models maximizing the overall throughput and user coverage in the network. This has been supported by optimizing the allocation of resource blocks to macro cells and small cells and interference mitigation at the boundaries of cells by employing resource block muting.

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