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Physical layer security enhancement in multi-carrier communication systems using Full-Duplex transceivers


The wireless communication security is currently mainly supported by the high layer encryption methods. As the computational capability is increasing, the current cryptographic encryption algorithms may be broken in short time. Therefore the physical layer security, which gives the information theoretic security, is coming into the sight. In the other hand, Full-Duplex wireless communication technology as a promising topic provides a possibility to double the spectral efficiency of a bidirectional wireless communication. By introducing Full-Duplex technology into classical wiretap channel model of physical layer security system, the legitimate receiver holds the ability to transmit the jamming signal while it is receiving signal from the information signal source so that the system does not require any cooperative jammer. In this research the effect for sum secrecy rate of a Full-Duplex jammer transceiver in multi-carrier wiretap channel is investigated.

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