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Radio Network Planning Evolution - Network planning towards LTE Advanced systems and enhancements beyond


With the anticipated deployment of LTE and LTE Advanced systems to the real world, starting by the of the year, the progress in mobile telecommunications reaches a new level. In particular this implicates, besides a new dimension of achievable transmission rates, some methods and concepts that are (jointly) applied to a practical deployed system of that size the first time, namely OFDM, multi-antenna transmission, relaying, cooperative MIMO and so on. This motivates the idea to rethink the mathematical optimization models that are currently utilized in the mobile network planning process. Espacially optimal network planning with respect to the possibility of employing (cheaper but performance limited) relay stations instead of base stations in certain places is not considered well in recent work on that area.

Based on an overview to the key features of LTE/Advanced systems, a model for relaying-enabled maximum covering location (RMCL) planning - that besides is sensitive to cost and capacity limitations - is proposed and will be presented in the talk. Furthermore enhancements due to societal perception of mobile communication networks are applied to the planning model. Finally, some promising techniques to get a grip on computational complexity of the resulting problems are considered and complete the talk.

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