Simulative performance evaluation of Coordinate Multi Point operation (CoMP) in LTE-advanced

CoMP is introduced in LTE-A to improve network performance at the cell edges and increase system throughput. Coordinated multipoint transmission and reception refers to a wide range of techniques that enable dynamic coordination or transmission and reception with multiple geographically separated eNBs. Its aim is to enhance the overall system performance, utilize the resources more effectively and improve the end user service quality. CoMP is divided into two major categories, Joint Transmission (JT), and Coordinated Scheduling or Beam forming (CS/CB).

The aim of this project is to simulate the downlink CoMP algorithms and evaluate their performances using appropriate figures of merit. Students will focus on LTE downlink transmission and exploit coordinated transmission to develop a software package in Matlab.


The first meeting for the institute project is on Thursday 21th April, 14:00 p.m., in ICT cubes Room 333.


Contact Person: M.Sc. Saeed Shojaee upon agreemnet

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