Laboratory (Communications Engineering and Computer Engineering)

These laboratories are jointly held by several institutes.

For Communications Engineering it is organized by IKS

For official and general information please confer to the institutes links or the following campus links:

Communications Engineering

Topic at TI

Experiment: “Implementing an OFDM Transceiver by Software Defined Radio”

In WS17/18 we are operating

Important Note

Before coming to lab, participants should read our script and solve the preparatory exercises.


On the pages of the organizing institutes general information is available for download. For your information we provide in addition the following


The proof of attendance will be given, if


M.Sc. Arya Bangun upon agreement
M.Sc. Saeed Shojaee upon agreemnet
M.Sc. Vimal Radhakrishnan upon agreement
M.Sc. Omid Taghizadeh upon agreemnet

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