Virgilio Rodriguez' work and publications


Technical-economic management of communication networks: prices, games, auctions and mechanisms for medium-access and power control

Current work:

Work is supported by the Ultra High-Speed Mobile Information and Communication (UMIC) research cluster, which has been established under the "Initiative for Excellence" of the German government.

Generalised optimisation of link-layer parameters 

Economorphic resource management for fourth-generation cellular networks

Delay-tolerant mobility-based networks

Interference and medium-access control in the context of ultra-wide band (UWB) technology

Radio-spectrum coexistence, and medium access control in the context of ultra wide band (UWB) technology, for the phase II of the European Commission project "Pervasive Ultra-wide-band Low Spectral Energy Radio Systems" (PULSERS). PULSERS is an industry-led initiative formed by almost 40 major industrial and academic organisations, which researches innovative UWB devices and systems, from initial concept to fully working experimental prototypes.

Optimal design of multi-standard reconfigurable radios

Overview: An optimal architecture for a multi-standard reconfigurable radio

Dynamic Spectrum Allocation for Reconfigurable Systems
Performed within the framework of the European Commission project "End to End Reconfigurability" (E2R)

Overview: Market driven dynamic spectrum allocation

PhD Research


A Robust and Tractable Analytical Foundation for Radio Resource Management: Centralized and Decentralized Optimizations Involving Data and Media Communication


Winlab Presentation ( slides )
Post-Globecom-2003 Event at Stanford Univ. ( slides )

Foundational Aspects

Rodriguez, V.  ''An Analytical Foundation for Resource Management in Wireless Communications",   IEEE Globecom, Vol. 2, pp. 898-902, San Francisco, CA, December 1-5, 2003 ( pdf )

Rodriguez, V.,  "Rate, Distortion and Quality: A Tractable Abstraction of the Human Sensory System",  CISS, Princeton University, New Jersey, March 17-19, 2004 ( pdf  ,  slides)

Cross-Layer Optimizations Involving Media Transmission

Rodriguez, V., "Resource Management for Scalably Encoded Information: The Case of Image Transmission Over Wireless Networks",  IEEE ICME, Vol. 1, pp. 813-6, Baltimore, MD, July 7-09, 2003 ( pdf , html)

Rodriguez, V., D.J. Goodman, and Y. Wang, "Optimal Coding Rate and Power Allocation for the Streaming of Scalably Encoded Video Over a Wireless Link",  IEEE ICASSP, Montreal, Quebec, May 17-21, 2004 ( paper , slides)

Rodriguez, V., "Quality-Distortion Theory: The Optimal Level of  Distortion when Fidelity is Expensive", ( paper, slides )

Applied Game Theoy (Decentralized bits-per-Joule Maximization)

Rodriguez, V., "Robust Modeling and Analysis for Wireless Data Resource Management", IEEE WCNC, Vol. 2, pp.717- 722, New Orleans, Lousiana, March 16-20, 2003 ( pdf , html )

Rodriguez, V., "Efficient Decentralized Power Control via a Compensation Mechanism" ,  IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, Princeton, New Jersey, April 26-27, 2004 (Extended Abstract, Paper, NYMAN Workshop slides)

Throughput Maximization (with media terminals present)

Rodriguez, V.,  D.J. Goodman and Z. Marantz,  "Power and Data Rate Assignment for Maximal Weighted Throughput in 3G CDMA: A Global Solution with Two Classes of Users",  IEEE WCNCAtlanta, Georgia, March 21-25, 2004 ( pdfslides)

Rodriguez, V.,  D.J. Goodman, "Optimal Power and Data Rate Assignment when Power-Limited Data and Media  Terminals share a 3G CDMA cell: The 3 Terminal Scenario",  CISS, Princeton University, New Jersey, March 17-19, 2004 ( pdfslides)

Rodriguez, V., and D.J. Goodman "Power and Data Rate Assignment for Maximal Weighted Throughput: A Dual-Class 3G CDMA Scenario", IEEE ICC, Vol.1, pp. 397-401, Anchorage, Alaska, May 11-15, 2003 ( pdf , html )

Rodriguez, V., and D.J. Goodman "Power and Data Rate Assignment for Maximal Weighted Throughput in 3G CDMA",  IEEE WCNC,Vol.1, pp. 525-31, New Orleans, Lousiana, March 16-20, 2003 ( pdf , html )

Rodriguez, V., and D.J. Goodman "Prioritized Throughput Maximization via Rate and Power Control for 3G CDMA: The 2 Terminal Scenario", Proc. of the 40th Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, October 2-4, 2002 (pdfslides )

Goodman, D.J., Z.  Marantz, P. Orenstein, V. Rodriguez "Maximizing The Throughput of CDMA Data Communications", To appear,  IEEE VTC, Orlando, FL, October 6-9, 2003 ( pdf )

Capacity of 3G-CDMA System when BS Decode Cooperatively

Rodriguez, V., "The Capacity Region of 3G CDMA Systems with Macrodiversity and Power Constraints",  IEEE WCNC, Vol. 1, pp. 184 -9, New Orleans, Lousiana, March 16-20, 2003 ( abstract , pdf  )

WICAT Technical Reports

Maximizing the Ratio of a Generalized Sigmoid to its Argument ( Abstract ; Paper (pdf , ps )
From Power Levels to Power Ratios and Back: A Change of Domain and its Modeling Implications (Abstract ; Paper (pdf )
Improving a Utility Function for Wireless Data (with D.J. Goodman) ( Abstract ; Paper (pdf )


CDMA-based Switches in the Optical Environment ( Report(pdf) ; slides(pdf) )
Throughput Maximization poster (ca.  Nov 2001)

Discussion of "Capacity Regions of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks", by Toumpis & Goldsmith ( slides(pdf) )
Discussion of "Bits-per-Joule Capacity of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks", by Rodoplu & Meng ( slides(pdf) )

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